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scope mount for my raging bull. HELP!!!

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I own a raging bull 444ss8. the scope mount i ordered (10028) doesnt fit properly. Need help and insight asap. I know somebody out there has had the same issue.
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Whats the problem with it?
The ribs on the barrel are too close for the machining on the scope mount...Just wondering if i ordered the wrong mount. i want to try the 10032. But i dont want to pay another 15% restock fee if it doesnt work right.
I was looking at the rail mount I have on my Ragging Bull. 44 Mag 8 3/8" SS like yours. Mine fits great. I do remember that the first one I ordered did not fit, but I do not recall the number it was. I sent it back and exchanged it for the one I have now. The number on the package from the one I have on my Bull is listed as 10-033. The rail itself has Ragging Bull 8 3/8 etched in it along with the Taurus logo. This is a link to the rail mount I have though I ordered mine right from Taurus.


Here is photo so you can see how mine fits. Hope this helps and you get everything taken care of. Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Air gun
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jdhaines What kind of scope is that? I'm in the process of outfitting my Bull with a scope and looking for ideas.
It is a Leupold 2.5 - 8 x 32. It is their variable power handgun scope, which I believe is from the VIII lineup.
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Theres only one way to find out! Awesome piece btw.
Thanks, and good luck with whatever you decide on the scope rail mount.
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