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So last weekend I called the Wally World close to my ladies house. Naturally the front desk answered.
So I asked. Do you sell guns and ammo? Since I haven't been through their sporting goods dept. It wasn't that big anyway even thought it's a super store. I think they even sell motorcycles in aisle 136.
Her answer was no and I might want to call a more rural Wally World.
I figured that.
I didn't even try the store closest to my house since it's darn near gangsta. No way they would carry bullets.

Now to tonight.
So I stopped by the same super center I called, to pick up some cat food before my kitties abandon me. I tried the sequester line on them but all I get is a stare.
After loading the cart with 2 bags of cheapie pushed the cart towards the crafts asile, skirting the sporting goods. What do I see? A glass counter with scopes. Diversion manditory. Lo and behold there was a human stooped below the glass counter and behind him a locked glass door with two small boxes of bullets. Maybe enough for Elmer Fud but not me.
So I asked the questions that I already knew the answers to.

Do you have any .22lr?

Do you have any 9mm?
Sure do.

(Well slap me silly.)

By chance is it target ammo?
Yep 115gr 50 per box.

How much?
I'll take 3.

I didn't even ask what the limit was. I didn't want to press my luck.

While I was ringing through a gent behind me asked if they had any 223.
Nope missed by 1/2 hour.

Morale of the story is Those ladies up front have no clue. Check for yourself.
Who would have thought you could buy bullets at 7:00 PM these days.
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