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Schmidt & Bender Sale

We have a few great opportunities. Please call us, 516-217-1000, if you are interested in these sale scopes:

#677-911-922-C5-63 5-25x56 H2CMR with MTC only reduced from $4,069.00 to only $2,699.99

#961-811-902 Zenith 1.5-6x42, not ILL, #9 reticle reduced from $1,879.00 to only $1,299.99

772-811-907 Zenith 2.5-10x56 FD ILL #9 reduced from $2,688.00 to only $1,899.99

#550-811-707 Stratos 1.5-8x42 LM - 1cm - cw - Posicon - FD7 Reticle with CYL – Choose Your Light Illumination reduced from $2,867.00 to only $1,899.99

Just an FYI, This is what is in stock, available to ship, at the moment:

644-911-972-96-94A38 3-12x50/GEN II cm CW DT/ST LP
878-911-975-A5-A2 12-50x56/P4F 1/8 1/4MOA ccw MT/ST 2nd focal
878-911-972-A5-A5 12-50x56/P4F 1/8MOA ccw MT/DT First focal
878-911-972-A6-62 12-50x56/P4F 1/4 cm cw MT/ST
878-911-972-A7-A4 12-50x56/P4F 1/8 cw MT/DT
878-911-982-A5-A2 12-50x56/P4F MOA 1/8-1/4 ccw MT ST
832-811-862-73-94 6x42/P3 PMII 1/10 mil

671-911-972-G8-E8 4-16X56/P4F CM CCW ULTRA BRIGHT
671-911-532-G8-E8 4-16x56/Tremor III cm ccw Ultra Bright
670-911-972-G8-E8 3-12x54/P4F cm ccw DT LT Ultra Bright Black
670-911-532-G8-E8 3-12X54/TREMOR III CM CCW ULTRA BRIGHT

666-911-982-H2-F2 5-45x56/P4FMOA 1/4 CW High Power Black
666-911-982-H1-F1 5-45x56/P4F MOA 1/4 ccw High Power Black
666-911-942-G8-E8 5-45x56/H2CMR cm ccw High Power Black
666-911-532-G8-E8 5-45x56/TIII cm ccw Black High Power
669-911-982-B3-A9 3-27x56/P4FMOA 1/4 ccw LT Black
669-911-972-G6-A8 3-27x56/P4F cm ccw .340 LT Black High Power

683-811-43E-K1-H1 1-8x24/MDRT6 cm cw Black

639-945-887-G2-E4 1.5-8x26/P3 cm CCW RAL8000 Short Dot
639-946-907-G1-E3 1.5-8x26/CQB cm cw Pantone short dot
639-946-907-G2-E4 1.5-8x26/CQB cm ccw Pantone short dot
682-811-918-B6-B2 1-8x24/CQB2 cm ccw short dot black 2nd focal only
682-811-918-B7-B3 1-8x24/CQB cm cw Short Dot Black 2nd focal only
682-811-918-F6-D8 1-8X24 / 1/4 CQB2 SECOND FOCAL

677-911-842-B8-B4 5-25X56/MSR CM CW LT BLACK
677-911-812-90-68 5-25x56/MSR2 cm ccw DT - NEW ITEM
877-911-512-B2-A8 5-25x56/H59 cm ccw LT NON ILL
677-911-972-B8-B4 5-25x56/P4F cm cw LT
877-946-522-B2-B6B20 5-25x56/Tremor II cm ccw Pantone LT NON ILL LIMITED
677-911-552-B2-A8 5-25X56/TREMOR III CM CCW LT BLACK
677-945-995-B3-A9 5-25X56/P4FMOA .25MOA CCW RAL8000 2ND FOCAL
677-911-922-B2-A8 5-25x56/H2CMR cm ccw LT Black
677-945-922-B2-A8 5-25x56/H2CMR cm ccw LT RAL8000

677-911-922-C5-63 5-25x56/H2CMR cm ccw MTC not locking

677-911-592-90-68 5-25x56/H59 cm ccw DT
877-911-552-90-68 5-25x56/TIII cm ccw DT NON ILL
677-911-552-90-68 5-25x56/Tremor III cm ccw DT
677-911-972-94-67 5-25x56 PM II LP P4FL cm cw DT
677-911-972-90-68 5-25x56/P4F cm ccw DT
677-911-982-A8-A2 5-25x56/P4FMOA 1/4 ccw DT
677-911-922-90-68 5-25x56/H2CMR cm ccw DT
667-911-962-F2-E9 3-20x50/P4 LP cm cw Ultra Short
667-911-972-G9-E9 3-20x50/P4F cm CW Ultra Short Black
667-945-942-F1-E8 3-20X50/H2CMR CM CCW RAL8000 ULTRA SHORT
667-911-942-F1-E8 3-20X50/H2CMR CM CCW ULTRA SHORT BLACK

753-911-712 2.5-10x50/L7 Posicon Polar T96 FFP
753-911-42D 2.5-10X50/D4 POLAR 2ND FOCAL
753-911-72D 2.5-10x50/D7 Polar 2nd focal
756-911-712 3-12X54/L7 CM CW POSICON
756-911-42D 3-12X54/D4 POLAR 2ND FOCAL
754-911-42D 3-12X54/D7 POSICON 2BE

645-811-482-05-05-A02 3-12X42/L3
644-811-732-30-05A02 3-12X50/L7 BDC
844-811-862-05-05A02 3-12X50/P3
847-811-702-08-08A02 4-16x50/7
847-811-702-30-08A02 4-16x50/7 Klassik with BDC
642-811-462-03-03A91 2.5-10x56/L3 Klassik Hungary scope
644-811-482-05-05A91 3-12x50/L3 Klassik Hungary scope
644-811-482-40-05A91 3-12X50/L3 BDC HUNGARY
847-811-862-30-08B26 4-16x50/P3 BDC with Logo
932-B11-703 6X42/7 1"

550-811-707 1.5-8X42/7 FD STRATOS CM CW Posicon cyl
750-811-707 1.5-8x42/7FD cm cw Posicon

961-811-902 1.5-6x42/9 Zenith
974-811-702 3-12x50/7 Zenith
774-811-407 3-12x50/4 FD (FLASH DOT) Zenith
761-811-407 1.5-6x42/FD4 (Flash Dot ) Zenith
772-811-907 2.5-10x56/FD9 (Flash dot) Zenith
772-811-907 2.5-10x56/7 FD (Flash dot) Zenith

952-B11-704 2.5-10x40/7 summit

If there is anything you're looking for please give us a call at 516-217-1000. It is always our pleasure to speak with you. Always give a call to discuss options and what would be best for your needs

Have a great day.

Please follow me on instagram at gr8fuldoug1 :)

Thank you for your continued support.
If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
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