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SCCY Formerly SKKY ..SCCY 9mm carry option ?

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Found this little 9mm on Bud's for 285.00..any good ?


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Found this little 9mm on Bud's for 285.00..any good ?
The first ones that came out of SKKY/SCCY factory were riddled with a lot of troubles. The newer ones have been fixed and are said to be reliable. Note: this is what I learned from the internet and local gun shops. You can peruse the SCCY Forum at SCCY Forum ? Index page and it is filled with a lot of good info. I did consider adding one to my collection, till I found the Mil Pro.

285 is a good price - for a 9mm pistol with 2 magazines and good CS. Will it go the distance? Your guess is as good as mine.
The SCCY gen 2 is about as good as they get. We had a gen 1 SCCY CPX for my wife. It was just fine until one day we went to the range, she pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Did that several times and nothing. SCCY has a lifetime warranty, we called and sent the pistol in. When we got it back it had a note of the repairs it had done. Replaced the entire slide because of hairline cracks and the firing pin. It seems that gen 1 were on recall because of those two issues. Hence why Gen 2 came out.

We really never had anymore issues with it and finally sold it because my wife was getting to where she couldn't rack the slide because of her carpal tunnel issues and she switched over to wheel guns. I was impressed with their CS and they even sent back an extra magazine. Other than that the only other issue she had was that it would rub the web of her palm raw by the slide. She has small hands too.
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I have one and use it as a BUG. Not a bad gun. I only have a few hundred rounds through it, but it's not given me any problems. I have the safety "locked" in the fire position because the safety has a tendency to bounce up during firing. It's a DAO gun, and I can't imagine why there's a safety on it in the first place. You can shoot COM without any problem at SD ranges. I would not carry it as an every day carry piece, but as a BUG or ruck sack or truck gun, it's not bad.
I too had consider it and even shot a couple then fired a PT111 pro and went with it. I'm still carrying it on occasion but my wife normally carries it now. She picked me up a RIA 1911 CS as a daily carry gun so she could use the PT111 pro and loves it. I've had it now for going on 4 years.
I purchased one with the stainless slide...Gen2. Very impressed with it over all, it did have a very tough spring to it and was not what I would say an easy slide to pull back to chamber a round. It was double spring metal rod set up which looked to be a quality set up. If you noticed I speak of it in past context. I did sell it before ever firing the first round.
The model I purchased had the manual safety/decocker, which has a raised ridge under the safety lever. That little ridge when I gripped the pistol planted itself into the soft tender flesh between the thumb and fore finger. I didn't notice this when I first handled the pistol, but when I do purchase a new pistol, I tend to live with in my hand as much as possible to get a real feel for it as well a become familar with doing fast field strip take downs.
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My ex has had one for years. Hasn't even shot it yet. Go figure. I would not rely on any unfired weapon. Foolish.
I had 2. first one had alot of issues with feed and slide sticking issue whilst firing. 2nd one shot 10 bullets brand new out of the box and the trigger spring broke.
Gen 2 SCCYS are great. Factory support is fantastic!!

Here is a dedicated web board to them....

SCCY Forum ? Index page

Picture of mine:

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