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Saving means spending more.

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Indoor pistol ranges charge $25.00 per hour and up around here. So I joined a local club where range access is 24/7 and is only 3 miles away. Yearly dues are $228.00. But I've been to the range so often, usually twice a week and every day this week so far, that I am diminishing my ammo and target supply rapidly. Even though I am only shooting rimfires I can see where my gun budget will need to increase very soon.
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"If you build it, they will come." I can understand your dilemma.
seems that whenever I get to the range, I'll burn through several hundred rounds of each caliber that I'm shooting at that time. Reloading reduces the cost per round but then I end up shooting more...
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Yeah, I just go weekly but I hear ya. My outdoor range is 30 minutes away and it's $48 a year. Once it gets cold I'm going to have to go to one of the indoor alternatives and actually pay so I might cut that down to every other week for the winter.
The nearest outdoor range is 20 minutes from the house. It's run by the Florida Fish & Wildlife. Cost is $3 per visit. Great place with 2 rifle ranges out to 200yds, archery, and pistol ranges to 50yds. a total of probably 50 shooting lanes. If you go early on a weekday, you have the place pretty much to yourself. I do most of my shooting there during the winter months. Summer I go to an indoor range that is 5 minutes from the house, and charges $16hrly. they have 15 lanes and are usually crowded.
I was going weekly and running through 1200+ rounds a month.. I don't reload, so my ammo costs are around $200 per 1000rnds 9mm. $40 per thousand of 22lr. Since I bought my boat, I'm down to once a month and saving lots of ammo money, which seems to end up in the boat... Net sum zero...
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Seems that saving means spending more works in several places. $225 for yearly membership for me sure the heck beats $30.00 an hour at indoor range that only has 4 lanes and max distance of 7 yards. I buy powder, primers, and bullets in bulk for the same reason. Oh and then there are many food items I buy in bulk for the same reason.
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ME and Fishing seem to think alike!
yearly range membership --- 180 bucks ( public safety discount price) VS 12 bucks per trip if you ain't a member, which I generally go say 40-45 times per year.
and I as well buy reloading components on line and in bulk.
I didn't know they still made powder in 1 pound cans??
so can you still buy primers in less than 1-K amounts?
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Its still cheaper than credit cards and loans! If you pay everything in cash and put aside the money you spend paying on homes, cars, credit cards, and any other loans you could buy your own shooting range!

The average payment in America for just a car is $500/month but if you took just $500 a month and put it in a decent growth stock mutual fund for 40 years you would have 5.6 million dollars! Imagine putting all those credit card payments/house payment/ car payment/etc. into a growth stock mutual fund?

Heck if I would have known what I know now I would be a millionaire instead of a slave to the banks.

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Sounds like you're going broke saving money.
Just like when I go to Costco.
Down here we had an indoor range at Gander - 30 miles but the rates were okay and always incorporated the trip with other needs.......now the closest one is 60 miles and the rate is considerably higher . Our closest outdoor range is ok but very windy 90% of the time.......and the staffing is very sporadic so times I drive out there and they are closed up. In St Cloud we have 2 indoor ranges, very nice and reasonable within 8 miles of the shop........plus we can shoot at the shop and hoping next spring we will build a backstop for moreBut when Gander was open, I was pretty religious about once a month - 100 to 150 rounds per gun - usually the .380, .38, .22 & 9 ---so the ammo prices were getting a little out of hand - one of the reason for thinning the herd and original thought of getting to one caliber - 9mm......then the XDS showed up :(But now I take only the one I am carrying and stick to 100 rounds.............and I watch for sale and rebates a lot
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