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Safety, Is it properly engaging ?

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Just got this 1911 and I haven't had a chance to shoot her yet. But in checking the weapon I've found that there isn't alot of travel in the safety when you engage it and it seems to slip rather easily out of engagment when pressure is applied. I know that the Taurus PT 92-99 and PT 100 have a much more pronounced feeling when the safety is engaged.

Is this common to all 1911 designs or might something be wrong ?
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The safety should be positive both in the lenth of travel to put it on safe and a clear but subtle click when going on and off safety. I am presuming you still have the origianl grips... remember that you need to check ANY aftermarked grips for both the ambi-safety cut and clearance on the left side for the safety to travel (downward). I have had to work on two sets of grips... one with and one without the amti-safety cut... the clearance for the safety tab still had to be adjusted... evidently the Taurus design is slightly higher than the common market.

The safety "on safe" should point at about a 45 degree angle toward the top of the slide. Off safe the thumb rest should ride on top of the plunger tube. Can you take pics?
By all theory it should. Some of that depends on the shape of the front of the safety... if something got rounded that shouldn't have it might not have as much effect.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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