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Safety, Is it properly engaging ?

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Just got this 1911 and I haven't had a chance to shoot her yet. But in checking the weapon I've found that there isn't alot of travel in the safety when you engage it and it seems to slip rather easily out of engagment when pressure is applied. I know that the Taurus PT 92-99 and PT 100 have a much more pronounced feeling when the safety is engaged.

Is this common to all 1911 designs or might something be wrong ?
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Mine works smooth, crisp and clean actually more pronounced then on my PT92's. I've felt some soft ones on a few other 1911 brands over the years. I'd carefully range test your gun before making any quick decisions and possibly handle a couple other 1911's (even other brands) for comparison.

Then as always... report back to us with your opinions and results.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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