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Glocks will do the same thing, oh wait they dont have a safety so the only time it will fire is if you put your booger picker on the bang button so either way you will be fine, it was brought up a long time ago on other forums before this one got started and anti Taurus people jumped all over it as a reason Taurus sucks, if your putting the safety on while your still holding the trigger thats a no no and you need more gun training, 2. just becuase you engage the safety doesnt mean you can play around with the trigger and think its perfectly safe because the saftey is on, you should never put your finger there till your ready to shoot and at that point you should have taken the safety off anyway, sorry for the rand but I had it out with a few Taurus bashers about this a long time ago on another board and it still gets to me that people think this is a major defect
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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