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Safariland ALS Holster

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Hi Everyone,

I have been looking at different vendors for a nice holster (price range $50 - $60) for my PT92 which I'll be picking up on Thursday. I tend to like the Safariland Beretta 6378 ALS paddle holster. Safariland doesn't have the ALS holster for the Taurus PT92. Has anyone used this ALS holster with their PT92?


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As far I can see taking a glance at the model holster you like on safariland, I only see it listed for the beretta px4. If they have it for a beretta 92/m9 it will work for your pt92 as long as your taurus doesn't have the rail
Have you looked at the IMI holster discussed in the previous thread? Looks good and is made for pt92. I ordered myself one in addition to my collection holsters including my favourite kydex one, my fobus br2. Now if only I had a pt92 for every holster!!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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