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sad day

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:( well after fixing my g2 and testing it , it ran flawless the other day. Well went to the range again today to work on my techniques I get "click". Tried pulling the trigger a few more times and nothing. Ok bad primer.... bang bang... click. Ok another bad round. Again and again. Pulled out a different box of ammo different brand and same thing. Then I knew somthing wasn't right. Looked at the primers and the firing pin hit but barely. Had a buddy with and loaded up 10 rounds that mine didn't fire cause of light hits and shot all them. Thinking about sending it in. Had a few problems with the gun and I'm not comfortable yet with reliability as a ccarry gun. Love the gun but seems like problems are coming up every other time I goto the range. :icon_ cry::icon_ cry:
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It's mechanical and things happen, I'm sure Taurus will take great care of your pistol.
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