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I recently purchased a CZ P07 9mm and a S&W M&P9 2.0 compact to compare as a carry pistol. Both of these pistols are reliable, have great ergo's, and can be very accurate.


CZ P07S&W M&P 2.0 Compact
Capacity - 15 rounds of 9mmCapacity 15 rounds of 9mm
Trigger - Omega DA/SATrigger - Striker fired
Barrel - 3.75"Barrel - 4.0"
Weight - 34.3 oz's with 15 124grnWeight - 33.3 oz's with 15 124grn
Length - 7.2"Length - 7.3"
Height - 5.3"Height - 4.9"
Width - 1.46" at decockerWidth - 1.52" at safeties


Both pistols have good 3 dot sights, bright and easy to acquire. Now I wanted to make this as apples to apples of a comparison as I could. Since I installed an Mcarbo trigger kit with polishing on the M&P, I did the same on the CZP07. The M&P already has excellent grip stippling, but the P07 grip needed help, so I installed a sand paper grip decal to make these grips as similar as possible. P07 trigger prior to upgrade , DA was hard to measure as it was gritty, but average was around 10.5lbs...SA was also gritty and came in at 5.5lbs. M&P prior to upgrade , Trigger pull had a slight catch prior to reset and a gritty wall - measuring 4.7 lbs. Post upgrade; CZp07 now has a smooth DA pull of 7lb 7oz's, SA pull is a smooth 2lb 2oz's with a 5/16" reset. M&P is a smooth 2lb 9oz's with a 1/4" reset.


These are well made pistols, with the edge going to CZ but only slightly. Both have ambi safeties, the M&P also has ambi slide stops but not magazine release. The CZ does not have ambi mag release or slide stop. Both pistol eject magazines easily and are easy to bring to aim. The slide is a bit harder to manipulate on the CZ.


These targets were shot at 20 yards with a mix of Self Defense and reloaded ammo. Both are very accurate and shoot to point of aim. Recoil is well mitigated in both, but I give the edge to CZ. Total cost M&P 2.0 Compact $590 including Mcarbo trigger spring kit. Total cost CZ P07 $560 including the Mcarbo kit. They are so similar it is hard to decide which to carry. But for now I am carrying the M&P as I also have a M&P shield that I carry. Thanks for dropping by, either of these make a great purchase. The M&P has a better out of the box trigger, but the CZ has a better SA trigger after the upgrade. Hmmmm...

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Excellent comparison and Congratulations on the fine tuning work you have done with these fine Pistols! :cool: :smile:

Both are excellent handguns and either will serve very well. I think it matters more on the mode of carry and use, the end item user prefers. DA/SA action or the SA/Striker Fire Action.

For quite a few Fall and Winter Seasons I carried an SAR K2P, which is comparable to your Cz P07, and before that, a full sized .45 EAA Witness. I carried them in a Don Hume IWB Holster at either the 3 O'clock or 5 O'clock position.
Note that I did own a few striker fired Pistols at that time. Then one fateful day I was de-holstering my SAR K2P and both the Hammer Spur and Frame Beavertail got caught in my Knit Winter Sweater.
After I got the mess untangled, I realized then that if I had had to draw that Pistol, things would have not gone well.

I then started carrying Striker Fired Pistols more often and nowadays it's what I prefer to carry. Not having a Hammer Spur and Frame Beavertail to poke me also allowed me to carry appendix position as well, if need be.
I still practice with DA/SA Hammer Fired Handguns, but if I choose to carry one, am more careful on how I will carry one. One Striker Fired Handgun I often carry offers me the best of both worlds.
My original Canik TP9V1, a licensed Walther P99 AS variant, offers a DA first Shot and excellent SA follow-up shots, in a Striker Fired package.
That said, I do very much like my other Striker Fired Pistols as well, and I do find your M&P9 2.0 Compact very very appealing!

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I moved away from striker fired guns as my carry gun. I carry the P07 and even have a backup one. What's even better is having the P07 Kadet kit. .22LR and shooting the exact same grip and trigger.

I'll run the Kadet kit just to plink. I also used it to practice the double to single transition as well as for revolver shooting. I was lucky to find one a few years ago for $189.99 and free shipping. So far, I've not found a .22LR round it will not cycle. While it is around the price of a TX-22, it is also great to get the trigger on the gun you are going to carry, broke in.

Now another aspect, the P07 and the P10C magazines are interchangeable. The only difference is the P10C magazine has a different contour towards the front of the grip. Also for some reason, P10C magazines run $5 to $10 cheaper.

I hesitated for a long time before I bought a poly frame CZ. The Tanfoglio P models really disappointed me when I like the all steel versions. It wasn't until someone loaned me an early P07 Duty that I realized what I was missing. I can still manipulate the slide missing part of my middle finger. The ambidextrous hammer drop aids in gripping the slide.

So I've been sold on the P07 for a few years now. I was happy years ago with the CZ75 (Pre B model marked Made in Czechoslovakia on the side) P07 is like returning back to the CZ75's. None of my CZ75's like steel case ammo, but the P07 has run it all.


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I also purchased a M&P9 M2.0 Compact 4" some time ago with the expectation of using it to replace my full size 1911 as a carry piece. I wasn't doing very well with the trigger. My 1911 has an excellent trigger in the 3lb 6oz range. The Smith's was about 5lb 7oz with a long take-up and a hitch prior to hitting the "wall" but with a decently clean break. I just wasn't doing as well at the range with it as I would have liked.

Today, I installed the Apex Tactical Flat-Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit. I have been thinking about this for a while since it's a little pricey (for me) at about $170. Obviously I haven't been to the range with it yet but so far it seems pretty dang awesome (which it ought to be for the price, I'll grant).

Trigger pull weight is now down to a consistent 3lb 11oz. The pre- and over-travel have been cut about in half. The reset is much more tactile and shorter. The hitch is gone in the pre-travel and the break is very clean with the no noticeable creep.

I don't believe I would want the pull weight much lighter than that. My 1911 I considered at my lower limit for a carry gun. Dry firing this thing is just awesome at present. I plan on hitting the range in the next couple of days.

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So to update that last post: I've been to the range a couple of times. This is my S&W with the Apex Flatty Trigger:


It's pretty awesome. The sights were giving me trouble for two reasons: 1) I'm old and can't see 'em and 2) I didn't like the way the white dots lined up. The front dot looks smaller, of course, because it's farther away but in order to line up the sights properly I had to line up the tops of the three dots rather than their centers. This seemed counterintuitive to me. My eye wanted to line up the centers but if I did the gun would shoot low. Are you always supposed to line up the tops? I don't know. To solve that problem I painted (fingernail polish) my front sight a bright green:


Kinda weird, I know but it works for me and the white dot doesn't throw me off anymore. I prefer a center hold but that had me shooting low. The pistol prefers a "combat hold" which is supposed to use your front white dot as point of aim. I don't particularly like covering up what I want to hit but I guess I can get used to it. I had to move the rear sight to install the trigger kit and so when I slid it back I drifted it just a tad to the right as it seemed to be hitting just a little left. I'm not sure you can see it here:


Anyways, here's the last target I shot tonight:


This is one of the new electronic targets the range has. I think I prefer paper to be honest. Their shot detection leaves a little to be desired. The score says 13 shots but there's really fifteen there. I estimate it's about 25 feet away. I don't know the size of that center bull but the front sight covers it. I did get one flyer which I always seem to manage (at least one lol).

I'm really impressed with the trigger kit and the pistol. I need some more trigger time at the range to get used to it but this will definitely be my new carry piece.

Stay safe out there and practice often.
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