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S&W 9mm 539 ( 1982 vintage)

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150 rounds.
0 failures.
1982 vintage according to S&W.
First target's distance

Close up of the same target.

I was about to leave the line when I found 1 more 9mm round in the box. This is where I put it at 21 feet, offhand. An excellent way to end this range trip if I say so myself.

There's a place for fiber reinforced nylon, but sometimes only old school will do. :D
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Nice shooting.
Nice shooting.
Its a great little pistol. According to certain stats, police officers had the best hit accuracy when they switched from revolvers to these types of S&W duty guns. Apparently the pollsters knew their business.
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There's something to being said about older handguns...that series of S&W are seen being carried by many older police officers still. I have a old generation S&W Model 411 (.40 cal) of the same design. I have never had a malfunction of anykind in thousands of rounds. I still carry it concealed as well.
Great looking gun ... and target. Shoot it (often) in good health.
Very very Nice! :cool:

Good Shooting and Congratulations on a very nice Pistol! Just because a gun is older, does not mean that they are not as good as newer handguns. In some cases, they can be better. :)

I have quite a few older handguns that can still chew out the center of a target and keep villains out of my home!
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Nice shooting.I have a couple of third generation S&W pistols,and appreciate the value and shootability of them also.

Very nice example of the 539.
Heck these things were all the rage when they first came out, most liked the 59 series but i always felt best with the 39 series.
I see some people like to make bank shots off the side walls at your range too!-LOL
nice grouping for a bunch of shots!!
Now thats a range report.Good liking gun too.Seems to shoot fine.
Ya gotta love a Smith & Wesson!
Very nice. I really want a S&W 39. But if I found a nice 539 I would buy that all day long, twice on Sunday.
Nice shooter. Nice shooting. Are the broom and buckets "bonus" targets? lol
Nice gun & nice shooting.....I picked up a 5906 awhile back & it shoots good too.....
Love that Smith and Wesson model, I always wanted one, I just can't find one in mint condition.
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