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S&W 686 revolver purchased today... Did I do OK?

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I'm not as familiar with revolvers as I am with autos, so I'm not sure if this was a good deal or not. I checked gunbroker, but there are so many models, with dashes, etc. that I'm totally confused...

Anyway, I went to Gander Mountain today just to look around. I never find a good deal on their used guns, but thought I would look anyway. I checked the case and found this:

Smith and Wesson 686
.357, 6 shot
Stainless steel
2" or 3" barrel (haven't measured it yet)
custom three finger wood grips.
I called S&W and found out that it is a 1988 model, no dash.

Sale price, $250.

The gun is in good shape, with only a few small scratches in the stainless. Did I do OK? Are these generally considered good guns?

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Hey... if you want to feel better by getting your money back... I'll take it for your price... or 2... or 3...

As my Texan friends was want to say... I'll give you a DRG on that... Done Real Good!
Here's a picture...

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It don't get no better than that. Excellent deal!!
Heck of a deal Sir!

Looks like a 2 inch and having shot one in the past it is a hand full with full power loads. Nice catch. ;D
That gun would have left with me too. Since it was that cheap you might want to have a gunsmith give it a check-up. I'm thinking timing and springs with a good internal cleaning to boot.

That L frame should make a great belt carry gun. I'm guessing 2" barrel. The L frames were designed to take a steady diet of magnum rounds (vs the K frames that weren't). I think a Ruger would outlast it but your hands likely won't last that long.

I'm almost positive that the L frame grips are the same as the K frame ones. It appears to be a round butt as well.

Something to check, that ejector rod might be too short to easily clear the empties. If so you should practice working it quickly like on a small frame gun.

I would say that you got a good deal. A few months back, I picked up a 6inch 686-3 with a few custom goodies for $500.

Have fun shooting
Ohhhh NO! You need help!!! Since I have a good sized gun budget I can help you! I'll give you what you paid for THAT gun, just to help a friend out! :) I'll even cover the shipping - just to help a friend out!! Before you do something like this again, please check with me first. Rather than let you do this kind of thing again, I'll step in to relieve you of such a purchase! All that's left to say is DRG!! :))
Looks like you did really well for yourself there Todd and the price was almost a steal? did I say almost? hehe

She's a beaut! :)
Yeah you stole it. Those are the types of prices we had about ten years ago when you couldn't give a Smith and Wesson away.
I'd take it first to a smith and then to the range and if it shoots well I'd say it was a steal. These make great conceal carry guns and you basically got two guns for the price of one. Get a couple of speedloaders and a good holster and your good to go. Nice gun and I wished I still had my 357, it's a great caliber.
That Deal PUT Money in the Bank...<:))
I've got the exact same gun, and I wouldn't part with it for twice what you paid. Good deal, even better since it's pre kintonlock. It's a keeper.
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