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Rust Prevention

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I apologize for a rookie question but here goes. Soon I'll be changing carry guns from a titanium revolver to a 24/7 40. My concern is that I work outside year round in a fairly harsh environment. Would carrying a 24/7 stainless make a difference as far as the elements are concerned. Or is any potential rust problems in the interior of the slide? Thanks
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I could be wrong, but if you keep any weapon well cleaned, and oiled, you should run into minimal issues, and there is always that lifetime warranty.
In a harsh environment, Stainless will always be better than Blued, but even Stainless will rust, and there are some "Blued" component parts on the Stainless Slided Guns. A very light coating of either Mineral Oil or Straight 30w Motor Oil should keep things from Rusting. I particularly like the Straight 30w Motor Oil on the Slide Rails.
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