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Ruger LCR 357 vs 38 special

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I shot my Ruger LCR today with 38 special, the gun is surprisingly very accurate with 38 special ammo, I shot 5 rounds with the 357 magnum and my jaw dropped, the sounds and the recoil was unbelievable , my hands are all red and hurting after 5 rounds only...
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Light Compact Revolver with full house 357 Mag Rounds?

Something has to absorb the recoil and if the gun doesn't have the weight to soak up much of the recoil guess what gets the job? Thats why I went with the Taurus 617. I can put up with carrying the extra weight and at 28 oz. around double the weight of the LCR the 617 does a good job of soaking up a lot of recoil.

Snubbies are noisy beasts to begin with and I can't imagine what a snubbie Alaskan in 454 Cassul would be like, but I doubt if it would be fun!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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