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Ruger honcho says it looks good for a Ruger Blackhawk to be made in...44 special

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Yes, you read that right. I'm helping spread a rumor that was posted at THR forum in the revolver section.

Listened to a podcast (M. Bane's)today with a Ruger exec and he hints pretty heavily that Ruger WILL BE offering the 44SPL in the Blackhawk.

Ruger biggie is hinting broadly that the BlackHawk will soon be offered in .44 special.

I will be customer if they keep the price under $550.00 and its offered in 4-3/4 inch barrel.

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at least this time it,s not copied off a keltec.and by the way do they know a super blackhawk will also fire 44 specials.it does not seem very bright.i have a sbh in 4 3/4 that shoots both???
what is your view on 38 special out of a 357 mag?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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