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Ruger honcho says it looks good for a Ruger Blackhawk to be made in...44 special

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Yes, you read that right. I'm helping spread a rumor that was posted at THR forum in the revolver section.

Listened to a podcast (M. Bane's)today with a Ruger exec and he hints pretty heavily that Ruger WILL BE offering the 44SPL in the Blackhawk.

Ruger biggie is hinting broadly that the BlackHawk will soon be offered in .44 special.

I will be customer if they keep the price under $550.00 and its offered in 4-3/4 inch barrel.

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Hello Jerry.

The reason a lot of us .44 special addicts don't care for shooting .44 spl. in a .44 magnum revolver is the 1/10th inch cylinder throat jump that tends to build up a ring of burnt powder and lube grease in that space. There is a tool from Brownells that can ream out that area, but it cost $50 and not worth it to me to have to spend the time to clean that problem spot in a .44 magnum.

If you don't keep that area clean of residue gunk, you will find it difficult to chamber cartridges in the chambers if it is not cared for properly, its a problem I don't need.

I don't really like .44 magnums, but that is just me...even though I own a Colt Anaconda .44 magnum I seldom shoot it...and never any .44 special in it.

My favorite calibers are .44 special, .45 Colt. Both none magnum status.

TB C45
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I own one .38 special in an old Victory model from WW-2 era.

Don't have any use for a .357 magnum, but its the same thing with 1/10th area getting gunked up in the cylinder jump are between the magnum and none magnum cartridge spacing.

Now just because I don't need magnum revolvers does not condemn them in any way, there are areas where magnums are in demand for hunting or protection from different type of critters.

My none magnum guns will take care of anything in this location, man or beast.

I would welcome the opportunity to purchase a Ruger Blackhawk and add another .44 special to my gun battery. The Ruger would handle +P loads if I ever needed them.

Anyone know what a new Blackhawk is selling for these days?

TB C45
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