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rubber grips for model 96

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I have an old Taurus model 96 medium frame .22 that came with factory wood grips. I want some rubber grips but don't want Hogue because they don't cover the backstrap. I know Pachmayr used to make rubber grips called Gripper for the medium frame Taurus but it looks like they have been discontinued. Does any have any rubber grips for a medium frame Taurus or know where to get Pachmayr? I bet the rubber grips Taurus sells now would fit the model 96. I can even trade my old school wood grips.
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You can give Lyman Products - Brands that Perform a look. There are some minor differences and updates to frame for the medium frame revolvers so you might fit one might not fit the much older Tauri medium frame revolvers. Then again, I could be mistaken on that.
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