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rossi wood grips?

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Hi, I met a gentleman at a gun show who was selling a rossi m461 with wood grips, when i asked he said they were for a colt d special and "they bolted right on", when i looked closer they looked like they had light sanding done on the rear corner but thats it. I have owned this rossi model before (first handgun) but eventually sold it. My question is if anyone else has ever tried this maybe with a different firearms grips (s&w,taurus) before. I curently own a m351 rossi and would like to own more rossi's but the grip problem is detering me from doing so. If this has been discused before I apologize I searched and didnt find anything. thx
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Like DrumminMan, I prefer the rubber/finger groove of the 351, which I have. As a matter of fact, all my weapons of past have gone over to these (hogue type). Here's a suggestion, try making your own grips. If your preference is wood then all u need is a dremmel and a chunk of hard wood. U can even put in your own HARD finger grooves, GROOOOOVY baby!!). It'll satisfy your art'sy side as well. U can do anything with a dremmel such as put your own emblem (ie. initials, family emblem) on the grips and personalize it.
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