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Rossi Model 841

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I picked up one of this model Rossi yesterday...one of the Brazilian guv trade in revolvers. About the same well used/battered shape as the Taurus model 82 revolvers that have been floating around the last year or so. Has the lanyard ring and whatever previous user/owner markings milled-off like the Century imported Taurus trade-ins. This cool old Rossi being a Century import too.

Does anybody have any info on the model 841 Rossi .38??

About all I could find is that the 841 was only imported into the US for a couple years in the 1990's(gun trader's guide)...and no real info on when the 841 was introduced by Rossi..or discontinued. Like I mentioned..the police/military markings are milled off like an older Model 82 Taurus Century import I picked up earlier last summer.

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Congratulations on your new firearm.
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