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Rossi 88 grips

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Does anyone have suggestions for grips no a Rossi 88. The stock are way too thin/small. I have a Pachmayr compac on it now which is ugly, but sturdy and hand filling. Does anyone have any favorites? They seem to be scarce.
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Hogue lists some for the 88, You might take a look at their site.
Hogues are great. I like the Pachmayr Compacs, too. Fills the hand, yet compact.
I checked the Hogue web page and could not find any rossi grips? Where did you see them?
Well shoot, I been looking at so many trying to find one for my 461 Rossi. Here is what I got back from Hogue by email.
From: Customer Service Dept [mailto:[email protected]]
> http://lymanproducts.com/Contact.htm
> We make a Compact grip for Rossi's 5 shot 38 Special frame. We don't
> that these will fit the six shot 357 model 461 however, but we have
> not
> the opportunity to try them on this model. You might check with Rossi
> at www.rossiusa.com to confirm the frame size. Sorry we can't be of
> more help on this.

Try here too, they do list two styles, Pachmeyer is one.
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Thanks. I got excited about the Hogue grips. I am looking for a medium size wood or rubber grips.

I have the pachmayr compacs on it now. They shoot well, but I just don't like the way they look on my 88.
I have an old Rossi/Interarms model 68 (bought new years ago). Are these the grips I need? Really like the pistol, but the original grips gotta go....Thanks for any advice....Kevin

The Pachmayr compac grips are good for avg to large size hands. They are not the best looking out their but with so few options available they are the best.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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