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Rossi 511

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I am looking for some information on a Rossi model 511 .22 LR revolver. I recently purchased one of these and I would like to know the value. It appears to be in excellent condition and is complete with the box and papers. I'm trying to find a date of manufacture. Also I'd like to know if the size of the frame is the same as a J frame S&W. If so is it possible that grips might interchange? Does anyone have one of these revolvers and if so how well do they shoot? Well that's enough questions for now.


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Nice revolver.
That gun is in nice shape! Maybe Robertson's Trading Post in Tenn. could give you some info on it. They've been Rossi dealers since way back in the 1960's.

Keep in mind, what a vintage gun is "worth" becomes pretty vague when the gun is so rare that not enough are sold to establish a market value.
congrats. What a good looking revolver.
That's a handsome revolver, if there ever was one! Let us know how it shoots.:thumb:
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She's a beauty!
Oklac- these guns seem to trade in the $300-$400 Range these days.I paid a little less or my 511 bout a year ago and paid at the high end for a 515 (.22 mag with lr cylinder and box) about 6 months ago. Kind of hard to track as not many out there. IMHO these are excellent "kit" guns with triggers that are better that ruger SP101's or S&W J frames. Enjoy yours. You might have to experiment with grips to see what fits.
Hi OK, I got one a little over a year ago for $250. The grip pattern on Rossi is different from S&W, enough that your better off just getting the right grips. Mine has a heavy but smooth trigger. We don't shoot it a lot but it's a fun little gun when we do. I use it for our snake gun around the property. It fits S&W J-frame holsters just fine.
Man, thats pretty, wished mine looked that good!
I didnt want to damage/wear the wood grips (plus they seem a bit small) I changed them out with Pachmayr p/n 03147 rubber grips.
I just snagged one of these here in Washington State a few weeks ago.

I paid $200 out the door.

I shot it for the first time yesterday. It was pretty solid. It has a great single action trigger pull. The double wasn’t bad either.

In one of my gun books (2010) it says these were imported from 1986-1990 by Interarms.

Mine has a very low serial number, 3 digits, L00027x. I’m not worried about the price in the book, as it’s an older version, and I plan on keeping it.


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I can sum it up in one word. FUN! This gun is a pleasure to shoot. It feels good in the hand and it's accurate. Did I mention that it's a lot of fun?
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