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Due to the financial pounding I'm taking, I'm selling the rifle in my avatar - the "rifleshooter" rifle; a December 1942 serial-numbered receiver. It is from the transition period where they were finishing producing 1903 A1 rifles, and had started producing A3 rifles. This rifle was re-arsenaled at Ogden, UT facility in 1944. It's been proofmarked twice. It has the correct barrel (put on it about a month later!) I had an expert tell me that this rifle was likely to have seen action in the early S. Pacific theater (Guadalcanal, anybody?!?) before heading back to the states to be recovered. The wood is excellent. The phosphating is mostly green and some dark. The bolt is a Remington. The bore is bright to mirror until you get back towards the chamber, where there's a little frost. It's not a terrible shooter but it's no sub MOA gun; I have managed 3 MOA with my handloads and with commercially-loaded ammo, perfectly acceptable for a battle rifle (in the hands of an experienced but vision-impaired shooter).

I'd like $550 for the Springfield. You may choose to pay me via a very, very discrete Paypal payment, although it might be less problematic if you send me a money order, your FFL's license, and your return address, or you can attach all that info to an email (PM me for phone/text) I will ship within one day via USPS. Make sure you tack on $30 for shipping; if there's any extra charges, I'll pay them and for insurance, too.

I can shoot other pics if you want them!

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