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I found my 608 to have a superb trigger feel out-of-the-box, better than any S&W I have tried, and of course better than Rugers that are very mediocre and over-sprung but great after a few hours of work! The ranging bulls I have tried had more creep and they were not as smooth as my 608...maybe I just got lucky!

IMO the 608 main spring should be left untouched. I tried a lighter one and it would not want to prime some ammo. If you really want to change it do not go any lower than 12 LBS (stock is 14) . You can replace the trigger return spring w/out any side effects. I put a 11 LBS one (the stock is 15 LBS).

The sear notch and sear: Polish it to mirror like. I use Dremmel with a polishing stone followed by a buffing wheel. If you use the handgun also for home protection/hunting/self defense I'd suggest not to do any filing at all on the sear notch, just polishing. I use my 608 just for competition shooting so I ended up filing the sear notch. The shorter the notch the less the travel, the lighter the pull. The problem is that is you file too much you end up with an unsafe trigger. If that happens you cannot get a hammer on your own and you must ship the gun back to Taurus...so unless you are brave don't do any filing on the notch. But if you are brave and really need the trigger to be as light as possible without being unsafe then you can file a bit. I use a Dremmel grinding stone, followed by a polishing stone and finally a buffing wheel. I usually just touch the notch to the grinding stone two of three times. Then polish it, reassemble, and measure the pull and get a feel of it. It might take you a few tries to get the trigger you are looking for. It's better to be very gentle and take a few tries than end up sending the whole gun back to Taurus!

Again the 608 has an incredible trigger out-of-the-box without any creep. Polishing is highly recommended and filing is not unless you are into competitive shooting and you only use the gun for target shooting.
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