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From what I've been hearing lately, S&W has more problems with their locks than Taurus revolvers. Its been reported that some S&W have locked up at a crucial time of the firearm being used. Boy, that could ruin your day if you needed the gun against a bad guy.

I own a couple of Taurus revolvers, only one has a lock in the back of its hammer, (Tracker .45 Colt) and its never ever been a problem for me. The reason being I never engage the lock to lock, the hex key is kept under the foam matting in its gun box...and that's where it will stay.

TB C45

The hex key lock is just below the thumb spur on the hammer, can't quite see it in this picture but it is out of sight compared to the blotch S&W puts on the side of their guns.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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