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Revolver Locks

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Hi, do all new Taurus revolvers come with an internal lock and a key?

Have there been many failures or other type problems with them?

I carried an 85 years ago (no lock) and was considering purchasing another. Last night I dropped by the S&W forum and couldn't believe what I was reading about these locks.

As you can see, I've been out of the sport for a long time. I'd appreciate some input to bring me up to speed on these locks. Wow!

All the best,

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From what I've been hearing lately, S&W has more problems with their locks than Taurus revolvers. Its been reported that some S&W have locked up at a crucial time of the firearm being used. Boy, that could ruin your day if you needed the gun against a bad guy.

I own a couple of Taurus revolvers, only one has a lock in the back of its hammer, (Tracker .45 Colt) and its never ever been a problem for me. The reason being I never engage the lock to lock, the hex key is kept under the foam matting in its gun box...and that's where it will stay.

TB C45

The hex key lock is just below the thumb spur on the hammer, can't quite see it in this picture but it is out of sight compared to the blotch S&W puts on the side of their guns.

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Thanks for the info!

I'm a little scepticle about the S&W locks too, after reading the stories on the forum.

I just called a local gun store to inquire about S&W and Taurus locks and the guy on the phone immediately started bashing Taurus. I knew he was a jerk, so I ended the call. Back when I had my collection, all of my Tauri were outstanding. The 85, 94 & PT99. I had no problems at all. I also loved my model 10 S&W. Now that I'm in the buying mode again, I can't believe how pricey S&W is. Taurus is still reasonably priced.

Would you hesitate to get a M85 for your pillow gun. I really did like my old one.


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I have had Nine Taurus Revolvers. I sent only Two for repair. One of the break downs was my falt for not snugging up the side plate skrews when cleaning. I have never used the locks and have had no problems with them. I worked in Three Gun Shops and have seen everything from Davis to Parazzi. Some have problems some don't. We sent all makes for repairs. Just like the old saying, some days you get the ellevator and some days you get the shaft.

Many people have had no issues with their locks. But many people also don't ever mess with them. I currently have 4 Taurus revolvers and I might have activated the lock on one of them when I first got the gun and was getting used to it. I know that I wouldn't use it but don't care if the lock is there.

well I know that you can remove the lock on the S&W, but you will have a hole in the side uf your gun.
I love my S&W's but the Taurus lock design is far superior. For that reason, I'll not buy a Smith with a lock but I would consider a Taurus with one.
I've heard a lot about failures in Smith and Wesson locks, but I don't know if I buy into it. I guess a really light titanium gun in a heavy .357 load, I might could see it, though. The recoil forces are in line with the action of the lock on a Smith. They are 90 degrees perpendicular on the Taurus. I don't know that, if I wanted a Smith, I'd let the lock get in my way, put it that way. But, it does have a FUGLY hold in the side of it.

I've lost the key to my 85, never locked it. My old M66s were pre-lock.
The very mention of the lock raises my blood pressure. As a die-hard S&W fan, that (along with poor quality and $$$) is what brought me to Taurus. Sure, it has the #$%$ lock, but for the price, I try not looking at it. Thus far, I only own one Taurus (605), but would not hesitate in getting another. Can the hammer be replaced with a older non-lock hammer?
Thanks for the input guys!

I've been reading everything I can on this subject in the last 2 days. As soon as I make a purchase, I'll let you guys know.

Right now, I'm thinking a new SP101, new M85 or a used Smith model 36 (it must be a cream puff for me to consider a used one). All great guns IMO.

Who pushed these locks, anyway? Was it Wild Bill during the 90's?

All the best!

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Those of you wanting to get a new ruger without the locks better do so quickly, they have them on their blackhawks and vaqueros and are phasing their autos right now. they plan locks on their double action soon.
At least you dont have to look at the thing on a Blackhawk. You have to remove the grips to activate/deactivate the thing.
True but they could have made it jsut as easy to pop the whole thing out and save us the trouble.
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