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return of the PT111

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Just got notified today that the range gun shop just recieved my PT-111 today :) Will pick it up Friday or Saturday. Guess they replaced the recoil spring that poped out the front of the barrel. Will shoot a box or so of FMJ 115grs when I pick it up to see if it is really fixed. Hope so, as I really like the way it feels. By the way, I sent it off 11/25/2007 for anyone wanting to figure aprox turn around time. :-\
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I had the same problem about a year ago(after I first got my PT111 Pro). I put about 20 rounds thru it and the spring popped out the front. Put it back in and after another 15 rounds it popped out again. Sent it off to Taurus and received it after 2 months (2 very long months, I might add...). I have since put about 900 rounds thru it and have not had 1 problem. It has been a great gun. So, yes, there is hope for you and your friend.
Know what you mean. The range gunsmith tried to put it back in when it popped out and had no luck, so he sent it in. I picked it up today and shot 50 rounds of 115gr Remington FMJ through it with no problems. I was hitting about 2" low and to the left, but wasn't really trying for a tight group. Just wanted to see if it was going to shoot and it did that ok. The group stayed in about an 8" dia area at 7 and 21 yards, so it must be the way I use the Heinie Sights. Guess that makes up for the 2" low right from the PT 1911 at 21 yds... it is right on at the 7yd line, though. Sure do like the way the 111 is feeling now.
I did talk to the local gunsmith when I picked it up and he says he has had several PT 140s and a few 24/7s that had to be sent in once, and a very few PT 111s but none of them had to be sent back twice. Guess like others have mentioned, Taurus is using us as their QC inspectors. Ought to put that on my resume.
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