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Repaired PT 745 Range Report

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Took the recently returned (magazine release adjustment) PT 745 out to the gravel pit and ran a box of Blazer Brass through it. My 43 rounds went without a hiccup. The wife put one mag through it and had an FTE and a stovepipe. A little instruction on limp-wristing seemed to solve that problem.

She put another flawless 70+ through her Bersa T-380. Some Remington JHP's and about some WWB. She's consistently shooting a bit low at 25-30 feet. I wonder if she's pulling her wrist downward when she pulls the trigger....

I also had 13 frustrating rounds through the KT P3AT. It defintitely hates WWB ammo. Name the failure and it happened. :mad:

I'm not too concerned cause it feeds ball and HP's just fine. Oh well.
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