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Beretta 92FS requires removal of the grips in order to gain access to the mainspring/hammer spring.

Does anyone know if one must do the same, e.g., remove the grips, to replace a hammer/mainspring on a relatively new Taurus PT92?

Updated: Looks like it has the Internal Security System (lock) on the backstrap. I don't even remember getting the key.

But, can anything be added to what is contained in this thread, which I just located:


Above, seems like a nightmare.

Previously, just switching the mag release to the other side of the frame drove me nuts. I may pass on this one.

Concerned due to problem previously encountered in removing left grip-see this thread:


So if I could change out my mainspring to a Beretta D hammer spring without removing the grip I'd like to do so.

Updated: Apparently, grips must be removed? With that in mind, is there any EASY way to do this? I frustrate easily :D.

Prompt replies appreciated.

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Never done it on a Taurus but I have replaced the mainspring on my Beretta 92FS...

And no; unless you're a David Copperfield you'd have to remove the grips ;) But that's the easy part; all you gave to do is remove 4 screws. On a Beretta and older Taurus you have to remove thr grips, press on a laylard loop and push out a pin, remove the mainspring cap, place the new spring in, put the cap back, insert the pin back in the frame, put the grips back on and you're done. If your Taurus is made after 2000 it will have the safety, and would be a little more difficult...

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like the other thread which you've found and like grey wolf has also said if you have the older taurus before the internal security lock then it's cake walk 15mins tops if you take your time.

the nightmare is when you're working with a model with the internal lock.. taking it apart is easy getting it back in place will drive you freaking bonkers.. but even if you dont change your hammer spring now sooner or later it'll have to be replaced from general maintainance.

you can use beretta hammer springs no problemo, i have a "D" in mine.. taurus uses a lighter spring then the beretta FS, the beretta "D" variant main(hammer) spring however is a little lighter.. in general if you're gonna do a swap to a beretta D spring make sure it's worth it to you.. it's really not that much lighter.

the gun will function happily with the internal lock removed however it will have a pencil size hole in the back strap.

there is a pin for the lanyard loop (main spring retainer plug) just like on the beretta, their is a 2nd pin for the internal security device.

the really hard part in the whole ordeal is resetting the tiny ball bearing between a spring which sits in a hole in the frame and the security peg..

the spring pushes on the ball bearing which is between the spring and peg and this causes it to act like a catch.. it locks the internal lock into place in two positions unlocked/locked.. without the bearing the peg could spin on you a bit and would'nt function right since it could shift from unlocked when it's locked and vis versa.

now the way i did it after about 3 hours of trying was to take a q-tip and tear off the cotton off one end.. i then used a slightly magnatized small screw driver to drop the spring in.. then place the bearing ever so gently on top of the spring.. then i pushed down on the ball bearing comresspressing the ball bearing down on the spring until it was as far as it would go.. while still compressing both spring and ball bearing and praying it does'nt slip out you line the groove of the security peg up and try to slip it over top the compressed ball bearing/spring quickly while releasing the q-tip out of the way of the peg..

confused? well i dont know how else to put it. and yes it is every bit a pita as it sounds.

if you have any more questions let me know i'll try to answer them, but my advice? if you are'nt willing to either leave the lock out or spend the time required to get it back in place then dont bother.. i made the mistake of thinking it would be a quick 10min operation and i am not ashamed to admit i prayed to god several times when i thought i had lost the tiny ball bearing and asked for help more then a few times trying to get it back in place.. it ain't easy.. i only done it the once and it was enough for me..

perhaps there is a easier way to do this.. if someone knows im all ears.
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