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I acquired a brand new in the box Remington Model 770 scoped rifle in 308. last week (it was a gift, I love my wife) . I've put about 150rds though it so far and have been very impressed with it. I haven't shot it past 300yds yet, mostly because the shooting range only goes to 300yds and I'd like a tad better scope then the factory bushnell 3x9. I am hoping to shoot good groups out to atleast 500-600yds. I did do a bit of tweaking on the actions just because... ;)

I did some checking and found it sells for around $350.00

Anyone else use one of these yet? The model 710 is a close cousin to it, but I don't think it was ever made in 308 caliber and for me few 308 is practically king of its class.

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