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I was on the Midway site looking for ammo- and saw this link for the High Terminal Performance 88 gr jhp from Remington.

I have used the 88 gr UMC jhp and its a good ammo in 380 for $35/100. I also have seen the Express 88gr jhp for about $35/50.

But this high terminal performance is something new- Midways says it will be available in August?

Not much info on the link but here it is-
Anyone hear anything about this??

Remington High Terminal Performance Ammo 380 ACP 88 Grain Jacketed

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Not familiar with it myself, course most all my ammo is reloads.
I keep more abreast of projectiles than ammo.
I am sure its just the new kid on the block and as long as it functions at 120% in your carry gun then it should be fine!
Likely no better or any worse than Winchester modern defense, Speer gold dot, hornady FTX, etc.
I mean at the end of the day a 380 is a 380 is a 380, you can only push it so far and design so much expansion/penetration into a modern hollow point.
everybody knows how to do it and everybody knows what the other manufacture is doing.
Let us know how it works if you try it.
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