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Reload and Range Test on my PT140

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Gents here are my results on some of my first reloads on my Mill. PT140ss. I am far from a great shot as many others in this group are, but this was done for me to find the load, powder and bullet that I like.
These all were done with Remington once shot brass, CCI primers, Golden Saber 180gr. JHP bullets and 5 different powders and loads. This is on a 14"X15" target with 5, 4" targets in a 5 domino pattern and 4 rounds per target at 15 yards. I don't have a digital camera so I had to scan them and hope they post well. My point is also that these guns are capable of shooting dead on and as good as the shooter will allow, and don't shoot low and to the left as often stated if you will use the right sight picture and work on the grip, esp. with the little finger that I myself have to watch, because it alone will make you pull shots down. I have some Gold Dots 180gr. but on a bigger CHL target and got to figure how to get these on.
Target #1- 5.4 grns.W231,#2- 5.0 grns. Bullseye, #3- 8.5 grns. Blue Dot, #4- 6.3 grns. Unique, #5- 6.7 grns. Power Pistol. To be honest I believe I pulled the low rt. ones on #3 & 4. I liked the power pistol the best as far as recoil, flash, seemed cleaner, esp. over the W231.I hope this may help someone.
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