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I like Red Dot for light .38 Special target loads and some other handgun loads, but definitely not .357 Magnum loads. My favorite recipes for the .357 Magnum use Alliant Blue Dot, which is a fairly clean burning, low flash powder. Works great in handguns! If you load for a .357 Magnum Carbine, slower powders such as 2400 or W296 will make better usage of the Carbines Barrel, in developing more energy.

The Loads below utilize Standard Winchester Small Pistol Primers, any regular .357 Magnum Brass, and were Chronographed in a 4 inch Colt King Cobra and a 6 inch S&W 686. (No discernable difference in velocities between the 4 inch barrel and 6 inch barrel were noted.)
These loads were developed to duplicate advertised Factory Ballistics.

any 125 grn JHP
12.5 grns Alliant Blue Dot
Velocity = 1470 fps

any 158 grn JHP
10.5 grns Alliant Blue Dot
Velocity = 1250 fps
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