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Because you never know when trouble will strike. (unless you're clarivoyant, and if you are please PM me the next Powerball numbers :) )

The first two are recent successful defensive gun uses, the last one is a victim who wasn't carrying. The last one was allegedly just a random unprovoced attack that could potentially happen anytime or anyplace open to the general public, not just that particular store. :(




Breckenridge Hills police tell Fox 2 a woman was shopping in the store around 11:30 a.m. when another woman attacked her with a knife stabbing her in the face.

Police said the attacker was carrying two knives, but they did not say whether the woman carried the knives into the store or if she got the knives in the store.

At this point, police have not released a motive for the attack. They said it appeared to be a random, unprovoked attack.

The victim was taken to the hospital, and, at last check, she was in critical condition.

The alleged attacker was arrested and is being held in the St. Louis County jail.

According to police, they had a run-in with this same suspect in a separate incident over the weekend, and she may face charges in that incident as well. Charges could be filed Wednesday (Nov. 28).

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Carry always! We live in a messed up world and you never know when someone will go off on you. It used to amaze me at the stupid little things that triggered people to go off. Now I just accept that anything can set someone off at any time.
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