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I sat down this afternoon and ordered "replacement parts" for a couple of my pistols. These are parts that are working just fine in my guns now, but would appear to be the most vulnerable items for breakage at an inopportune time.

For my PT145 MilPro

I ordered a Captive Recoil Spring (Priced at $7.49) since one of these days this part will wear out from use.

I also ordered a couple of Captive Firing Pin Springs (@ $1.50 each)... this is a plastic retaining assembly which I have heard of being vulnerable in handling and if the retainer breaks the gun will begin acting squirrelly.

For my PT1911

I ordered an Extractor... ($13.41) the most expensive part I've bought, but in talking to 1911 folks this is a pretty vulnerable part and when compared with aftermarket parts this is a good price since should it break, you are "ka-put"

I ordered an Ejector... ($1.31) since I have heard of rumors of this part breaking (or at least the roll pins). At this price, I refuse to send a gun back to Taurus or take it to a gunsmith.

I ordered a couple of Safety Lock Plungers... that little bit of metal that engages your safety and which will launch like a missile across the room when you are taking your gun apart... and at $1.15 @ it sure beats cleaning out the storage closet since I heard the "tink" of metal against concrete which means it buried under the spilled nails.

So... for less than $30 I have enough to keep both my guns working through enough problems that I doubt I'll have to consider returning them for maintenance... and for less that the cost of shipping it back to Miami.

AND, I couldn't have asked for a nicer customer service representative. She was courteous and thorough in running down all the numbers I needed, checking to see if the items were in stock. I could hear in the background another representative who was being ripped over the coals by a customer and the rep trying to guard his temper explaining why it was taking as long as it was in fixing the man's gun. I ended the conversation by giving the girl a compliment on her service and her response was... "That's what we're here for!"
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