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Re: shooting compact pistols

i was scanning that topic and noticed the comment on having to learn the da/sa trigger and decided to pursue others thoughts on that.

i have chosen to go with taurus pistols exclusively for all my self defense needs because of that trigger issue. our common practice on our range is to inflate balloons to near 6" and simply score ourselves by the number of unpopped balloons. i can consistantly score near perfect inside of 15yds with my 24/7 and around 60% with my millenium, but i can't hit squat w/ any other type pistol, and i have relagated it all down to the trigger pull, and how it is so unique to that particular type of gun and how i have become so commited to its feel.

when i do replace my current carry gun i will likely replace all my defense guns and then re-learn the new frame/trigger. with that said, i am still very happy with my taurus, i have had a few mag releases that were not expected. i am anxious to get a long slide in 45, if my score increases as much as the 3" to the 4" i can't wait for the 5", although i think much of the difference is the smaller grip.
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