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RE: Late reply on question on dissasembly on Mil Pro pistols.

Am pretty new to this forum. But I saw this question and thought that I would offer my 2 cents. I own both the PT111 & PT140 in the Mil Pro series. I noticed Bezoar's question that was posted on May 25th & MPanova's good reply on the 26th. I was on another gun talk forum and found this information about the dissasembly of the Mil Pro pistols that made the process very easy. If this information has been posted on this site previously, then please excuse my ignorance of it. For what it's worth, hope that this will help someone.
A little tip to help in removing the disassembly pin on the Mil Pro pistols. Lock the slide back (after making sure that the mag is out and the gun is empty), then turn the disassembly pin straight down, then holding onto the slide, release the slide lock lever and let the slide move forward slightly. This will let the disassembly pin pop out slightly. Then push the slide all of the way back and reset the slide lock lever. This works on all of the Mil Pro pistols.

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