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Re: 24/7 PRO C .45acp

Yesterday, I paid for a 24/7 Pro Compact 45 Stainless. It will be in Tuesday or Wednesday - hopefully. I've never handled a 24/7 Pro Compact in any caliber. However, I have owned several Millennium models, PT140, PT145, PT745 and a 24/7. So I am quite familiar with both series of pistols. Some of these pistols I had great luck with, others not. The recoil guide assembly on my PT745 broke with less than 100 rounds of Winchester value having gone through it. The shelf (?), lip (?), that retains the large spring on the inside end sheared off. It immediately placed the pistol out of battery and rendered quite useless. Taurus quickly sent me a replacement assembly, but I had lost confidence in it and traded it off after I installed the new part. I have also had problems with light strikes on primers from several Millenniums. In every case it was the firing pin. I know what to look at on the firing pins to determine if they are the problem.
The 24/7 I had gave zero problems of any kind. My biggest gripe with the Millennium Pro and 24/7 Pro series is the Heine straight 8 rear sight. I just can't seem to hit with that type of sight. I own two Kahr pistols, the PM9 and the MK40. Kahr pistols come with sights similar to the Heine straight 8 - a white dot for the front and a centered vertical white line for the rear. I hit several inches low at 21' with them. I replaced the PM9's rear sight with the Novak low profile two dot, and now I hit dead on. The MK40 factory sights were replaced with MMC adjustable two dot sights, and again I was able to hit at point of aim. Why I can't seem to hit with either the Heine sights, or the Kahr factory type is beyond me.

Why did I order a Taurus 24/7 Pro in 45 without ever handling one? I already have a great 45 auto that sits on my night stand, a S&W M&P 45. It has been 100% reliable and is amazingly accurate. But it ain't small. I have been wanting a fairly small 45 ACP for concealed carry for quite some time. I carry my Kahr PM9 religiously. It is light and extremely concealable. It has been 100% problem free, but there are times a larger caliber is desired.
I would love to own a Kahr PM45, but it is just too pricey for me right now. I have considered the Kahr CW45. It is fairly small, but the grip length is the same as the P45 which is too long. It costs around $100 more than the 24/7, and the front sight is pegged in. S&W hasn't come out with a M&P Compact in 45 yet. But it costs more than the Kahr CW45. It's not in a range I can presently afford anyway. Glock is a great pistol, but they also cost too much.
I prefer a DAO sans manual safety. The Millennium and 24/7 Series have one, but they are unobtrusive and not too likely to get in my way. I do not ever put a safety on. I have little fear of an AD occurring. Habit is a monster. All I need is for a safety to on and I need to use the pistol to defend myself. That short time it takes to realize that the safety is on when I try to pull the trigger and it does nothing, could get me killed.
My problem with the Heine sights are no longer a problem for me. I've read that the 24/7 Pro C in 45 has three dot sights, but even if that is not the case, Williams Fire Sights make a fiber optic three dot sight set that is dovetailed for the Millennium Pro series. The 24/7 Pro has the same sights and the same dovetail as the Millennium, so these should work fine. I have a set of Williams Fire Sights here for the Millennium already.
I have run across a product that may interest some who read this
http://www.nitesiters.com/ They are photo luminescent 1/16" diameter dots (another size that is 1/8" diameter with 1/16" strips is also available). Shine a UV light on the sights for about 30 seconds and they'll glow for several hours.
They are self adhesive, but I opted to use super glue. I've installed them on my S&W M&P 45, both Kahrs and my S&W Sigma 40GVE. I'll also put them on on my 24/7.

Handguns,like any other product, are made by mankind which is imperfect. Even Rolls Royce trained mechanics to repair their products. I can see no serious design problems with the 24/7 series of pistols. I would not be buying one if I thought I could not depend on it. If this 24/7 is what I'm hoping it to be, then compact models in both 9mm and 40 S&W could very well be future acquisitions.
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