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Santa was here & he left me a nice present. Actually been working on this for a couple weeks. Some of the parts ended up being gifts from my kids.

It's a Ruger American Rimfire in 17 HMR. Has a Burris Banner scope on it. I wanted something different not having anything I could shoot long range. Should be a lot of fun this summer at the cabin. We have a 50 yard indoor range here that will have to do for now. ( Below zero with the wind chill here for the immediate future )

I put the brake on it because I won't be putting a suppressor on until things change drastically in DC. I like the looks of it, even though it really has no purpose. It had just a cheesy thread protector cap on it.

I will be getting a Boyd's At One stock for it ASAP. Need MO MONEY !!!


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Very nice, congrats! Should be a ton of fun!
Looks Great and a great bit of fun when the weather breaks. Not to mention that I love gifts that stimulate the economy. You know, gifts that demand more gifts, upon gifts and a few personal choice purchases to make the original gift "just right".
I agree...it has a very cool look to it. You're probably going to be putting rounds through the same hole...that should save on targets big time! :cool:
Finally got the rest of the stuff to finish this rifle. Boyd's stock came yesterday. The thing is even more beautiful than I expected. May be going to the range tomorrow to try it out. Scope needs to be zeroed in too.


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Nice stock! That is one dressed up Ruger American. I just ordered a stock for a Tikka T3 from Boyds. How long did yours take?
Ordered 1/10 got it 1/22. I was surprised it was so fast, I am not patient at all.

The mag well needed some chisel & file work. Not much, just enough to allow the mag to fall free. Not unusual from what I've read.

Pics do not do it justice.
Yup, that stock is a dandy! Good looking rifle, all the way around.
Finally got the RAR to the range. Took about 10 rounds to get it in the 10 ring @ 50 yds. Will do better when I get it to the cabin this spring. More time to get it dialed in. Very comfortable to shoot with the adjustable stock. Bolt is like hot butter.

Going to build another shooting bench to take up there. Some sand bags & I should be good to go.
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