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Well I finally made it to the range for the first time with my 1911. It shot very well. I had ZERO problems, other than the sights were just a bit "off". Gunsmith at the range fixed them for me free of charge :) (Thanks Dan). I put 3 boxes through it (WWB, Rem, and Goldensaber) and not a single problem. I have decided that anybody that has something bad about Taurus can KMA.

Now I was unsuccessful in hitting the bullseye but EVERY shot hit paper from 7-25yds. and I am not the best shot. I normally only shoot out to 10yds since until recently I only shot a snub and an XD9sc(3in) could always hit paper but not even close to center at 25yds with snub.

Mods I hope this is okay
For you Central Michigan shooters check out Silver Bullet Firearms in Wyoming(GR) if you haven't been there it is a GREAT place to shoot, have work done, etc.

Thanks for letting me share.

Dan if you are on this board thanks for the free sight fix. I will be back to see you soon.
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