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Range Report

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I've been to the range three times in the last couple of weeks and focusing on 9mm rounds with WST and HS-6 120 grain round nose and 124 grain TC I got excellent groups after some tweaking with the powder charges. They were pretty close when I started but I thought I could I could improve on it.
I also picked up 1118 9mm case's and roughly 300 40Cal I've also started picking up 45 acp cases I think that I can see a PT 1911 45 Cal in the not too distant future so im trying to get ready for that. I'm not sure what bullet mold to start out with but sometime soon I will start picking the minds of the 45 guys for guidance on what to get me going. Also to keep me from wasting money on stuff I don't need These are the go to guys on 45's
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I find it so much fun when I'm at the range sorting out new loads. Got one right now to test with new bullet and new powder. Interested in seeing how this compares to what I've been shooting.

Not going to try cast for my 9mm but am thinking that way with my 380.
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