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Range Report XD 45 5" tactical

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pasting it in form the XD forum, from last weekend

"Just picked it up Saturday, yeterday was just to hectic to get any good time in. But went and shot 50 (blazer) at a plain paper target just to do it, Had one misfeed, last round in a 10 round magazine about half way through the box, brought it home cleaned and relubed it. (I really love the ease of cleaning a XD)

Today, went back to the range. No Missfeeds or FTF shot 250 rounds (wwb), 300 total in the two days. Started out at 25' for the first 50 rounds. Then to 50' for the second 50. Shot very accurate at both the 25' and 50' distances, a little to the left (probably me more than the XD)

Then moved out to 75' .... gun shot very well through the entire session. A little bit of problems at 75' with groups, (I'm sure it's me more than the gun)

Shot the last Magazine on the steel plate range from 50' 1 miss out of the 10 plates I had up.

The only issue I have with the gun . . . with the 10 round magazine, my pinky is in the wind, feels weird to me, I'm sure a Pearce Grip Extension will cure that feeling. (if I can find one for a .45 LOL) Other than that the gun performed wonderfully, am really happy with it.

Well, that's about it, forgot to take camera with me."
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Thank you for the range report. I own the same pistol and it's been flawless with whatever I run though it, though anymore I primarily have been shooting CCI/Blazer 230 gr. ball also.
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