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Hi all,

I had a chance to take my newly acquired Taurus 669 with 6" barrel to a local range.
Unfortunately, I only had a box of Remington 125 gr. JSP .357 Mag ammo with me for my 669, so that's all I shot.

The revolver shot well, regularly printing about 2" - 2.5" 5-shot groups at 25 yds.
BUT, with that ammo, at 25 yds, the revolver was shooting really really low.
And to make the gun shoot at the POA, I had to crank up the rear-sight all the way up until there was no more room to go up any higher.
After than, POA was the same as POI. But now, my revolver looks a little awkward with a completely cranked up rear-sight.
In fact, it is so high, you can actually see the adjusting bolt between the sight base and the top of the frame. :eek:

I am about the start reloading for this revolver with 158 gr. LRNFP bullet at around 1200 fts velocity.
Hopefully, shooting heavier and slower bullets will raise up the POI so my rear-sight will no longer look that awkward. 8)

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I have heard here on this site, that a heavier bullet will make the semi auto shoot higher. I tried it and it did seem to have somewhat of an effect with my PT111, but I am unsure if there would be the same effect with a revolver.
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