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I finally got to take my Keltec PF9 out to the range today. I had a box of 50 Blazer aluminum case FMJ's and thought that would be a good initial testing of this petite pistol. I had bought a spare magazine, and on both mags I put the pinkie extension on it - I know it's a bit harder to conceal this way, but I didn't want to sacrifice control, at least until I'm sure about how this pistol works. My first thought was how good the sights are on this pistol - they are very visible, a standard 3-dot config that most people like, and they line up very quickly for such a small gun. The next thing I noticed was the trigger pull - after reading about the Keltec, I wasn't sure what to expect, and after going through 2 mags of ammo, it struck me what gun it reminded me of - my second generation PT111 that I no longer have. It's a stiff, but not overly so, long, steady pull and breaks cleanly. Although I do wish the gun had an external safety, I can now understand why it doesn't - you would really have to be trying to pull the trigger for this gun to go off.

The gun shot a bit higher than I was expecting, the first three shots going up to about an inch from being outside the head portion of the silhouette. I lowered my point of aim a bit, and got the expected result - nice, tight groups, right where they should be, a bit surprising considering this is such a small gun.

After going through all my ammo, I wished I had about 100 more rounds with me. I know people say it's not a range gun, but it really was a fun little gun to shoot. My hands are big, and I struggled to keep my pinkie contained by the pinkie extension, but recoil was very controllable, and probably would be the same without the extension.

By the way - no failure to fires, failure to loads, submarining, or anything else that would be a concern. I've got alot more rounds to put through it, but I'm initially pretty happy with this bug. :)
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