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Took the Mrs and my son shooting today, we brought her stainless 605 which performed flawlessly as always, some folks might remember the matching Heritage Rough Riders that Santa wife brought us at Christmas, the one for my son I refinished the grips red...anyway, the Rough Riders worked flawlessly, both with .22lr and .22mag, cheaper fun cant be had!! And my son's ear to ear grin will be with me forever...I also took my Mod 94, it worked not so good, 5" low and to the right at 10 feet with 2 different ammo's, the action locked up twice shooting DA and I noticed the front sight insert is canted to one side, add that to a noticable burr on the muzzle crown and she's going back to Florida ASAP...First bad experience I've had with Taurus in 20 years....I'll let them play with it and make it right...

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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