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Range report G2. Truglo tfx pro sights, USA Forged ammo and Fed aluminum

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Second time to the range with my G2, first time with my new sights and USA Forged and aluminum ammo. She ran flawlessly and so very accurate. These sights are awesome. Very easy to pick up. 5 yards I grouped within one inch. 7 yards with groupings I’ve about one inch and at 10 yards, grouping at about two inches.

No issues shooting USA forged ammo. No failures of any kind. Ran through my two pro mag 15 round magazines and both locked back after last round. And of course the aluminum ran flawlessly as well. This thing will eat up anything you run through it. The glock guy next to me told me none of his glocks have worked with the USA forged ammo and that the aluminum wouldn’t either 100%.

Another successful range day with my G2.
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Kool. Good to hear.. Did you install the sites, or did you have someone do it?
I installed them. A friend of mine had a sight press. Made sure I bore sighted it before tightening it down
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There is nothing wrong with the G 2 guns in my opinion
Great report, Thanks! I like mine a lot...even more since I've gotten the trigger pull smoothed out. I need to get to the range.
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