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Range Report - First range trip for my 10 year old!

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Today son went to the real range and shot Dad's 24/7 for the first time. He did a great job of being very conscious of range safety, the 4 main rules, and did a good job handling the gun. It was his first time to shoot anything larger than a .22, and his first time inside an indoor range. The report was louder than he expected, even with plugs and earmuffs, and the recoil surprised him a little bit on his first shot. He firmed up after that, made a good brace, holding tight and pushing forward with his left hand (he's a southpaw) and pulling back with his right. The ambidextrous controls on my 24/7 G2 9mm work really nicely for him.

A full size 9mm pistol might be a little too much for some 10 year olds, but my boy is big for his age and seemed strong enough to handle the gun. All of his shots went into the target, and he started tightening his groups a little after the first magazine. He did at least as well as I did my first time at the range! He can't wait for his next range trip.

We took turns and shot a total of about 170 rounds - not bad for his first time at the range. He insisted on reloading his magazines and is a real pro with the UpLula loader.

The 24/7, as expected, performed perfectly. No FTLs, FTFs, or FTEs whatsoever, and it was accurate using several types of ammo. It remains a solid, reliable performer and really lives up to the Taurus tagline of "affordable value".
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