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Range Report- Ammo - Winchester USA Ammunition 380 ACP 95 Grain (white box) flat nose

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Greetings Friends,

Today is my birthday.. and I just came back from an indoor shooting range. I hope that some of you like me, taken a little bit of my time today on my birthday to post this. This is a ammo range report in regards to Winchester USA Ammunition 380 ACP 95 Grain (whitebox) flat nose (wadcutter) rounds. I have no affiliation with this indoor range, but if you are in the area of Lexington, S.C. passing thru, this place (and it's owners) has always given me great professional courtesy. Not a chain, a single owned business and very "quiet" early on the weekdays: Defender Shooting Sports Indoor Shooting Range
They are closed on Monday and Tuesday. Also be aware that some calibers over 9mm may not be permitted. They have 25 yard lanes. They also sell new and used guns which may be of interest, and also offer trades.

I was using my Taurus TCP 738FS 380, and if you do not know me.. as I've have not posted here in a while.. a few years back I "almost"gave up on this gun when it was new.. as it "did" have issues,but because of this forum, and it's members.. I went forward and actually "fixed"all of the issues that the gun had, myself. I learned A LOT, and she's been shooting great ever since.

I chose about 7 yards out, fairly close.. because honestly.. I have not been to the range for a full year now. I also have left elbow issues and left shoulder issues from.."an incident" and also from past martial arts that I was (and stilt) studying.There is always something going on.. work especally. And it really showed in my shooting. Take that fact,as an old "lessons learned" the more you shoot.. the better you'll be. Really. And the owner / certified trainer / range master actually noted that..respectfully.. and he was right on. I WAS shooting low, until sight picture was corrected... and again.. because I am honest.. with integrity.. the picture has "more" low shots.. still center mass.. but not in the yellow.. until again.. I was able to correct my sight picture:

I shot about 150 of these Winchester rounds, and I'm happy to report..not "one" issue! Perfect! And also primmer seemed to begreat.. no "weak" ones. Very snappy ammo. I also can tellyou, that I have seen a video in regards to this ammo (although Ican't remember "who" on youtube!) And the ammo actually"does" over penetrate, and the impact is not "reduced", I did "know" that ahead of time that ANY AMMO is lethal AT ANYdistance, this stuff would certainly stop an attacker, although meant for targets.

Another thins, and this is an interesting comparison, I also had a few PMC Bronze.380 acp 90 grain round nose still from my last time on the range.And I was VERY suprisedthat I had more than one "light" primmer strikes! Never hadthat before with that brand. I did those in between shooting theWinchester as well. And again.. no issue with the Winchester.

Also to note.. I had a VERY bad experience with Winchester .22LR a few years back.. and the posts that I have seen around the internet for .22LR and.22MAG for Winchester rounds.. they seem to still have quality control issues with THAT caliber.. not trying to discredit the company.. just posting the truth from what I see. However again this.380 ACP ammo was really GREAT. 5 Stars in my book .

Also,not that "dirty" either.

So end game.. a great day.. and this ammo I "will" buy again!

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MY experience with this ammo (winny) is from watching someone else use it.
I have been helping a young lady that has been in firearms ownership and shooting for about 4-5 weeks now.
Met her at my local range while shooting and she asked for a few pointers/ advice if I didn't mind.
very nice, outgoing lady with a good job, self responsible.
her first thought after buying the weapon was to take a firearm safety course--that should speak volumes in itself.
anyway on to the important stuff.
Firearm she uses -S & W new EZ in 380, great pistol by the way!
ammo is bulk (from wally world) wiiny white box 380 that you mention.
I would guess that I have seen her shoot around 6-700 rounds through that particular weapon, accuracy is more than acceptable, she is a quick learner!
I have only noticed 1 round out of this that was alight primer strike, it did light off on the second strike.
I fired the weapon and the ammo seems of good quality, power and as mentioned accurate.
so that's my personal take on this ammo.
again now this is a NEW weapon so this is through the so called break in period.
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Every time I obtain a new to me gun I always run a box of cheap factory ammo thru it, be it the Winchester White box or the cheap Federal from Wally world. After that it's on to hand loads.
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