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Just got back from the range. I took out the new 1911 with no expectaions.
Well..... I may have a new favorite gun! ( favorite before this morning was my Ruger .357 security six. one of the first off the line back around '72).

I put a hundred rounds through her. My first shot was low and to the right from 30 feet, after that 2" groups Grouping was so close, I went through four targets!

Couple of notes/comments:
1. The last round of the first very first mag. I had a FTE.... I caulked this up to limp wristing.

2. Every once in a while the saftey would ingage, like half way, almost like it would "ride up" with each shot then engage. Is this something I did during reassembly, after field stripping? :???:

*A note to all of you that are thinking about getting that 1911 one day...... get off your backsides and just do it! you will not regret it. Now I understand all these people that are very, very biased towards the 1911. and this comes from someone that has more than his fair share of firearms, just never ever thought I needed one.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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