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On the way to the range this morning I stopped by Cabela's and my LGS, kind of hoping one of them would have either a PT745 or PT945 in their used showcase. No luck, but I did notice something that may be food for thought or discussion: At Cabela's, the number of used Sigs was exceeded only by the number of used Glocks - and there were probably twice as many Glocks as Sigs.

Wonder what that means?

At the range, I passed the 500-round mark with my PT111 and this was the second outing with the three-dot sights. At five and seven yards I was able to keep the shots within the 8x8" Orange Peel target when I did my part. Adequate for self-defense but I'm gonna need a small hammer to get after them tacks.

The PT845 continues to be a whole 'nuther story. At seven yards, my first ten shots could have been covered by my hand and I had the beginnings of a big ragged hole. Ten more rounds and the big ragged hole got bigger. So I pumped in another twenty and the center of the target was hanging in rags and tags.

With the PT111, I had 50 rounds of S&B 115gr FMJ and 50 rounds of reloads - 124gr JHP.
With the PT845 I fired 100 rounds of reloaded 200gr SWC and had my very first failures to feed - two of them. But I blame that on the nose shape of the SWC, not on the pistol.

Sorry, no pics of the targets. Darned flash reflects badly off those Orange Peel targets.
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